Not to forget the photos...

All of the photography on this website was taken by Jana herself. Here they are presented again for you to enjoy.
The flowers are from an Oregon highway service area, where someone had clearly taken to gardening with love. The rays of the evening sun made the whole scene translucent. Rocks between beech trees, Rhön mountains, Germany. Grass, blown by the wind, at a lake near Leipzig, Germany. A maple leaf under a sheet of ice, no, not in Canada. Animal park in Leipzig. Trees line the horizon on the island of Rügen, Baltic Sea. New York: View from the Empire State Building.

With a twinkle of the eye
Duck and origami boat (the boat was really quite large), Rhine River at Xanten, Germany. Peugeot by day and night, Limoges, France. A very square hedge and an anarchic hydrant, near Geneva, Switzerland. Albertus Magnus sitting and thinking in front of a dilapidated house. Jena, Germany. And finally, two pictures from Hungary: A before/after ad next to a beauty shop, Budapest Art with telephone pole, Szentendre